In the 2022-23 season, Thailand has emerged as a leading federation in implementing technical programs with FIFA. Under the leadership of its Technical Director, the co-author of the Ekkono Method Carles Romagosa, the federation has developed programs in various areas of football, demonstrating a commitment to the sport's growth and development. Let's take a closer look at some of the programs that have made Thailand a reference point for other federations:

  1. Women's Football: Thailand's commitment to promoting women's football has been commendable. The federation has implemented programs to promote the sport, competitions for young girls, licenses for clubs, and training for coaches, leaders, and administrative staff.
  2. Talent Development Scheme: Thailand has been the first federation in the world to implement this program with the support of NSDF and the Sport Authority of Thailand. The scheme has served as a pilot program and reference point for other federations. The program includes grassroots initiatives, education, competitions, talent identification, sports science, technology, and communication. Kelly Cross (FIFA high performance expert) “FIFA has seen enormous progress in Thailand in the last couple of years. FAT’s technical department, under the leadership of Carles Romagosa, has increased its influence on football development especially in the regions of Thailand. FIFA is keen to help FAT improve its Talent Development system, to give every talent a chance and help Thailand reach its full potential on the international stage
  3. FIFA Football for Schools: Thailand is also participating in FIFA's flagship program, Football for Schools. The program began with 80 schools in the pilot program, and the aim is to reach around 400 schools by 2026. The program focuses on developing life skills and football skills among school children, promoting healthy living and encouraging active participation in sports. The program's integration of football-based activities in school curriculums aims to develop well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in life.
  4. Coach Educators Training: Thailand has been a pioneer in this field and, together with five other member associations, led the pilot program of Coach Educators training in five phases. The program aims to develop a pool of coach educators who can then train coaches at the grassroots and youth level.
  5. Special Courses for Coaches: Thailand has also developed specialized courses for goalkeeper coaches and fitness coaches. The courses aim to improve the quality of coaching and develop expertise in specific areas of the game.
  6. Analysis of Amateur Football: Thailand is currently conducting a comprehensive analysis of grassroots and amateur football as part of the program to develop amateur football. The findings will help the federation create targeted programs to promote the sport at the grassroots level. Jose Ariston Padre Caslib (FIFA- Regional Technical Consultant) “The Eco System Report and the Amateur Football Survey Report is the next important thing for the FA of Thailand as they link both studies on the entire football landscape in Thailand. It must be reviewed well by the technical people in the MA.  It must be shared to all stakeholders- government agencies and private investors, clubs and academies. We hope the FA of Thailand value the research and analysis of their football landscape and male it a compass of football in their country.
  7. Technical Leaders: FIFA-supported programs have collaborated in the development of technical leaders within the Thai federation, particularly the Technical Director (Carles Romagosa), Safeguarding officers, and Head of Education
  8. Program for New technical Directors in Asia: FIFA has selected Thailand as the host for its New TDs Program in Asia, highlighting the federation's reputation as a global reference point for technical programs.

In conclusion, Thailand's dedication to football development has made it a trailblazer in implementing technical programs with FIFA. The federation's focus on promoting women's football, football for schools, developing elite youth talent, training coach educators, and offering specialized courses for coaches highlights its commitment to the sport's growth at all levels. The federation's efforts to analyze grassroots and amateur football will undoubtedly provide valuable insights to develop targeted programs that will further promote football's growth in Thailand. Overall, Thailand's technical programs offer an excellent example for other federations to follow in developing football and promoting its growth and success.



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